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Welcome to the Politicians Online website. We have set up this website in order to provide you with all the information you could possibly want about Politicians Online, as well as providing a wealth of resources and links on the subject. If, like many other people in the world, you are sick of the half-truths and machinations of politicians who don’t seem to be accountable to anyone, who are canonized or demonized by partisan rolling news channels, and who appear to have very little to say to real people, then rather than simply disengaging with the process, you need to find a better way to engage with these individuals who rule our lives, and in doing so, hold them truly accountable for their actions.

How often does a politician cover up a self-serving decision or a shocking indiscretion with a few choice sound bites, before simply carrying on regardless? From matters that affect the working men and women of this country, such as employment legislation and taxation, to matters that affect the stability of human civilization as a whole on this planet, such as environmental and international policy, politicians seem to pretty much do whatever they want. However, they are your elected representatives, and are in place to give you a voice. How do you engage with them and get yourself heard? Now more and more politicians have their own websites, and are aware of the effect of internet voices and tides of opinion. Get online, engage, and get your feelings across. The Politicians Online website welcomes your feedback to help us cover the subject in its entirety.

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This website has nothing to do with the old John Grogan website.

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